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The Political Broughams

Updated: Mar 3

Cover of the 1965 election leaflet showing 2 photos of Alec Brougham at different locations in the Kirkheaton ward

There is not a lot of evidence that Brougham’s are political animals – with only ever two Brougham Members of the UK Parliament -  the most famous was Lord Henry Peter Brougham, who became the first Lord Chancellor. We cover his life extensively elsewhere on this website.  His direct successor, William, his younger brother was MP for Southwark for 4 years. Other Lord Broughams have played various roles in the House of Lords, including the fifth Lord Brougham until his death in 2023.

Given my personal political traits, which I clearly get from my late father, I am somewhat surprised by the absence of Brougham’s on the political scene.

In my family history research, I came across an election leaflet of my fathers, Alec Brougham, in the West Yorkshire Archive, dating back to May 1965.  He stood for the local council as a Liberal.  I was only a toddler when he stood so do not remember much about this.  I do remember that we had to have a family photo taken for one of his election leaflets and it forms one of my very first memories.  We were all meant to be sitting round the fire and a toy rocking horse, and I remember crying because my twin brother, beat me to sitting on it and I wanted that privilege.

Inside the election leaflet which talks about Alec Brougham.  It summarises his job and family situation on the left. On the opposite page it talks about why Alec is standing and what he wants to achieve.

My Dad’s election leaflet reflects a time when candidates stood for who they were, rather than who the party was.  It talks about personal commitments to the electorate and and a vision for the future - 'happy and healthy'.  All politicians talk about change – my father was no exception when he declared, 60 years ago, that’s it is Time for a change.

I still chuckle at the bit that refers to my Dad having 'four sturdy young sons'. Judge for yourselves!

The four sons of Alec Brougham, one sat on a rocking horse, the other three huddled around him.


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