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A cross with a statue of Jesus in the ruins of Brougham Hall

Brougham Hall Owners


Henry 1st reign

William de Burgham

1140 – 85

Odard de Burgham

King John’s Reign

Gilbert de Burgham


Ownership divided into 3 due to lack of de Burgham male heirs:

Christina de Burgham

William de Crackenthorpe

Henry Rydin


Three shares owned by:

John Godberd

William de Crackenthorpe

Henry de Reddings


Three shares owned by:

William de Crackenthorpe

John Tyndal

John Trotter


John Cuthberd owned one third of the manor


John Fernesyde named as heir to John Cuthberd in his will


John de Tyndal and

William de Crackenthorpe holding 1 third share each.

Probably the third share is owned by Thomas Redin


Three shares:

John and Katherine de Lancaster

John de Crackenthorpe

Johan Teasdale


The de Lancastrian moiety held by William Thorneburgh


The Teasdales part was given to Henry Bird


Thomas Brougham and his wife Joan bought half of Brougham manor from William and Eleanor Thornburgh


John Bird

John Crackenthorpe de Newgiggin

John Burgham


The northern manors granted to William and John Parre (Knights)


William Parre licenced to grant ownership to kings Kinsmen:

George Archbishop of York,

John Conyers, knight

John Whelpdale, clerk

Richard Glebra, chaplain


John Burgham held a share


Three owners are recorded:

John Burgham

John Crackenthorpe

William Bird


Christopher Burgham

John Crackenthorpe

William Bird


John Brougham on his death held a third of the Manor, which was handed to his eldest son, Henry Brougham (But held in trust by Reynold Warcopp)


Reynold Warcopp held one third of the Manor as guardian of Henry, then 14.

Margaret Crackenthorpe and son John

Henry Bird’s widow

Before 1563

John Crackenthorpe’s mother sells John’ share to James Bird sometime before 1563


Henry Brougham owned one third share of the Manor


Henry dies and Thomas Brougham takes ownership of one third of the Hall


Thomas dies leaving his third to his wife Agnes.

On Agnes’s death the share passes to Elizabeth, Thomas’s married sister. She had married William Hudson.


Elizabeth sells her share to Rowland Hodgson of Surrey, husband of her youngest sister, Katherine.

Hodgson sells his share to local farmer, William Wright.

On William’s death it passes to his son Alexander Wright.


Alexander sells his share to James Browne of Martindale


James Browne sells his share to Lady Anne Clifford

Before 1676

Sometime before 1676 James Bird had bought the Crackenthorpe’s share of Brougham Hall giving him two thirds ownership. As Steward for Lady Anne Clifford he also looked after her third share.


Lady Anne Clifford dies and James Bird buys the last third of Brougham Hall from her grandson, Lord Tufton. James Bird is now the entire owner of Brougham Manor, the first time since the de Burghams, back in 1272. At some point the Hall becomes known as Hill House. It is during Bird’s ownership that much building work is initiated.


Thomas Carleton becomes the new owner on the death of his Father in law, James Bird.


John Brougham of Scales, Commissioner, pays £5000 for Brougham Hall and Estate.


On the death of Commissioner John Brougham, Henry Richmond Brougham, is the benefactor of most of his wealth and is the new owner of Brougham Hall.


John Brougham of Scales acquired the Hall due to it being entailed to him in the will of Commissioner Brougham – had it not been for this, the Hall would have gone outside the Brougham family due to the family hatred of Henry Richmond Brougham who left the remainder of his non entailed estate to a non family member.


Following John’s death Brougham Hall went to his brother, Henry Brougham.


Henry Brougham the elder transferred Brougham Hall to his son, Henry Brougham.


Lord Henry Peter Brougham, but it was his younger brother William who he entrusted to manager the Hall for him. It was William who did much of the last renovation and building works on the Hall.


Lord William Brougham,


Henry Charles, 3rd Lord Brougham. He loved the Hall and presided over a period of important guests including Edward VII in 1905.


Victor Henry Peter, 4th Lord Brougham. Acquired the Hall at a young age. Over a short period of time he sold the contents and eventually the Hall itself to pay off his mounting gambling and social debts.


Major Geoffrey Thomas Middleton Carleton Cowper bought it from Victor Henry Peter. It was the Major who stripped and demolished the main Hall buildings.


Evans Bellhouse, a London Company, bought the Hall with an interest in the forestry elements of the estate


Beacon Builders Ltd bought the Hall and land as they intended to demolish and build new houses.


Brougham Hall Charitable Trust foundered by Christopher Terry and bought the Hall for one peppercorn. Under Christopher Terry’s leadership the Hall is being steadily renovated to its former glory.

A tablet of stone to commemorate the the launch of the restoration project
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