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We can only touch the surface on a website like this regarding All Things Brougham.  In this section we point you to some useful sources of information, books and websites where you can find out more.  If you come across anything useful, please do get in touch and we'll add it to this page.

Exmples of books used in Brougham Family History

Further Reading

Windsor of the North, A History of Brougham Hall


Pub: Ross Features, 1999, ISBN 0 9513394 3 5

History of Brougham Hall and High Head Castle


Pub: Phillimore, ISBN 0 85033 845 X

Brougham and Brough Castles


Pub: English Heritage, ISBN 1 85074 729 6, available from the castle

Proud Northern Lady


Biography of Lady Anne Clifford. Pub: Phillimore, ISBN 1 86077 179 3

The life and career of Henry, Lord Brougham


With extracts from his speeches and notices of his contemporaries, first published 1868, Reprinted by Kessinger Publishing's Legacy Reprints, ISBN 1432539965

Lord Brougham and the Whig Party


Pub: Nonsuch Publishing ISBN 1-84588-033-1,  and laterly by The History Press, ISBN - 9781845880330,  first published 1927, 
reprinted 2005. 

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Website Links

Official website of Brougham Hall at Brougham providing details of the Hall, the renovation project, its history and details of the hall today with information about the businesses that are based there and the special events that take place.  Brougham Hall has its own social media pages including Facebook.

English Heritage website providing details of the Castle including opening times and advance booking opportunities.

Details of all listed buildings in the village of Brougham - Wikipedia website.

Chronological list of Brougham Hall owners from William de Burgham in 1140 to the current owners, Brougham Hall Charitable Trust, who have owned it since 1986.

Brough castle is the neighbouring castle a few miles east along the A66.  Like Brougham Castle, this is another castle that Lady Anne Clifford restored.  The Castle is under the stewardship of English Heritage and open to visitors.

Appleby Castle, like Brougham Castle, was owned by the Clifford family for 4 centuries, the most famous of which is Lady Anne Clifford who i sburried in St Lawrence Church at Appleby. The castle which is privately owned is open to the public.  Their website provides more information.

The Pillar marks the spot where Lady Anne Clifford last saw her ailing mother in 1616. She had this pillar built to mark the event in her mother's memory. Lady Anne Clifford and her family owned Brougham Castle and other properties in the area for over 4 centuries.  Lady Anne is credited with their restoration.

A Bit About Britain has done a wonderful piece about a small walk to St Nineans Church, known locally as Ninekirks, and what they found there.  This church is a wash in Brougham history - it used to be at the centre of Brougham village until the village had to be moved. A good informative read.

Good aerial film of Brougham Hall by Phill Longley back in 2016 - showing Brougham Hall and its immediate surroundings.

Another of the Clifford Castles - Skipton dating back to 1090.  Like the other northern castles it was in the hands of the Clifford family since the 14th century, with Lady Anne Clifford being the end of the family dynasty.  Today the castle is a popular tourist destination.

Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, founded in 1866, has been researching and collecting historical information over 150 years.  Much of this is now available online and provides a useful source for anyone researching their family history in this area. They have kindly allowed me to publish an article on this site.

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