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Lord Brougham and Vaux, Rt Hon 5th Baron CBE 1938-2023

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Lord Brougham official photo
House of Lords official photo of the late Lord Brougham. Photographer: Richard Harris

We are sad to report that Michael John, The Lord Brougham and Vaux CBE passed away peacefully on 27th August 2023, at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

The announcemnt was made in the House of Lords on 4th September 2023, by the Lord Speaker, Lord McFall of Alcluith

"My Lords, I regret to inform the House of the deaths of the nobles Lord, Lord Brougham and Vaux, on 27th August, and of the noble Lord, Lord Haworth, on 28th August. On behalf of the House, I extend our condolences to the noble Lords' families and friends"

Lord Brougham was born on 2nd August 1938, the second son of Victor, 4th Baron Brougham and Vaux (1909-67) and his first wife Jean (1915-92) daughter of Brig-Gen Gilbert Burrell Spencer Follet DSO MVO (1878-1918) and Lady Mildred Murray (1878-1969) daughter of the 7th Earl of Dunmore (1841-1907).

Lord Brougham was married three times.

He first married Olivia Susan (1941-86) on 20th July1963 who was the daughter of Rear-Adm Gordon Thomas Seccombe Gray CB DSC (1911-97) and Sonia (1918-2001) daughter of Maj Joseph Gwyn Moore-Gwyn and Olive GILBERTSON (1881-1946). They were divorced in 1967. They had one daughter, Henrietta Louise born 23 February 1965. Olivia Susan later went on to marry Lt Roger D Hicks RN. His second marriage, 17 January 1969, was to Catherine Jill Gulliver, daughter of William Gulliver of London, and had one son, Charles William. His third marriage was to Sezgin Murad on14 Sep 2022. This was her second marriage having prevously been married to Claude A Petterson.

Lord Brougham was educated at Millfield, Lycee Jaccard in Switzerland and the Northampton Institute of Agriculture. He has been Deputy Chairman of various Committees in the House of Lords, Deputy Speaker and Vice Chairman of the Association of Conservative Peers. A keen advocate for Health and Safety, he was President of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, President of Safety Groups UK. Other roles include Chairman of the Tax Payers Society and Chairman of the Europena Secure Vehicle Alliance.

Lord Brougham was awarded the CBE in 1995 for political services.

Lord Brougham supported the restoration work of Brougham Hall. He supported the late Christopher Terry who passionately started the work. A plaque was unveilled at the inauguration of the project to mark the occassion and the attendance by Lord Brougham and his son Charles.

Picture of a stone tablet to mark the start of the restoration way in 1886
Stone tablet in the entrance of Brougham Hall to mark the start of the restoration work in 1986. Photo © David Brougham 2023

Lord Brougham and Vaux was one of the 15 hereditary peers elected by the House of Lords in 1999 following a reduction in the number of hereditary peers in the House. His death will lead to a by-election. Lord Brougham and Vaux was the second longest serving member of the House of Lords at the time of his death, having first entered the House in 1968.

[Rt Hon] Charles William Brougham, born 9 Nov 1971, becomes the 6th Baron BROUGHAM & VAUX. On 6th March 2010 Charles married Nicola J Moore, daughter of David Moore of Mobberley, Cheshire at the Houses of Parliament. Charles was educated at Radley College, Abingdon and Reading University. They have a son, Hon. Henry George born 21 April 2012, and a daughter, Hon. Charlotte Isabella born in 2010.

The peerage was created on 22nd May1860 for Henry Peter Brougham who became Lord Chancellor (see separate page covering his life). The seat in the House of Lords was abolished by the House of Lords Act 1999. Michael John Brougham was elected as one of 15 hereditary peers in 1999.

The order of succession for the peerage is as follows:

  • Henry Peter Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, PC, FRS (19 September 1778 - 7 May 1868)

  • William Brougham, 2nd Baron Brougham and Vaux Dl, JP (26th September 1795 - 3 January 1886) - younger brother of Henry Peter Brougham

  • Henry Charles Brougham, 3rd Baron Brougham and Vaux (September 1836 - 24 May 1927)

  • Victor Henry Peter Brougham, 4th Baron Brougham and Vaux (23 October 1909 - 20 June 1967)

  • Michael John Brougham, 5th Baron Brougham and Vaux CBE, (2 Augut 1938 - 27 August 2023)

  • Charles William Brougham, 6th Baron Brougham and Vaux, (born 9 November 1971)

Top Photo: Official Portrait of Lord Brougham and Vaux 2020. Source members of parliament, Author Roger Harris. File is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence.


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