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The Brougham Family by C. Roy Hudleston

Family genealogy of the Cumbrian Broughams

Great piece by C. Roy Hudleston, F. S. A. back in 1960 which corrects information about the lineage of the Brougham's as described in some prestigious publications such as Burkes Peerage. and indeed the writings of Lord Henry Peter Brougham himself. The exposition shows how claims of second marriages of Henry Brougham are false, and the lineage of Lamplugh, and hence the title of Vaux, are in fact very questionable for the first Lord Brougham. Hudleston's findings are supported and expanded upon by Peter Brougham Wyly in his reseach 'A Gathering of Broughams but not a clean sweep'. Hudleston first presented his findings in July 1960. They are reproduced in the Cumbrian and Westmorland Archaeological Society's journal Volume VOL 61 (1961) pp, 131 - 168. It is reproduced here by the kind permission of CWAAS.

Use the Download button to read the full article from the CWAAS website.

CWAAS has many useful documents for Brougham historians at their website

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