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Broughams of Huddersfield and Collingham

Three generations of Huddersfield Broughams

The majority of Brougham's in Huddersfield descend from one James Brougham (1838-1912) who moved to the area from Collingham, just south of Wetherby. 

This downloadable document details 3 generations of Huddersfield Broughams from James down. It also documents George BBROUGHAM (1784-1845) and his wife Mary COURTNEY (1783-1870) who lived and worked in Collingham. It is from Collingham that James descended. The relationship between James and George has not been established.

The Brougham’s of Huddersfield and Collingham are not an unusual bunch, but their down to earth and varied life was full of intrigue, wheeling and dealing, and illegitimate children that tried to be covered up so as not to shame their family name. They lived in local communities and were a good representation of the hard life that working class Yorkshire families in the Victorian and early 20th century experienced.

Any persons who are known to be living, or possibly still living, have had their names and details removed. Other than annotation from the authors own knowledge, the majority of this information is already in the public domain.

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